The $10 MILLION Detail! Is This The Most EXPENSIVE New Car To Come To Topaz? - 3x Koenigsegg Agera 2 weeks ago

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Join us through the whole process of washing, detailing and fully paint protecting the incredible green Koenigsegg Agera R, and enjoy a teaser of us preparing to do exactly the same for a silver Agera and a one off Agera RS N! Are we the only detailers in the world to have done this level of work on all three?

These three cars easily have a combined value of over $10million! The blue RS N is one of the most expensive cars (retail price) ever made at well over £2million. We have worked on the £20million+ McLaren F1 GTR on many different occasions, however the RS N is the car we have worked on that cost the most when new at retail price!